Section 11 - Patch Additions

This section will contain all the changes made in patches to Uplink. Hopefully this section will continually get larger as more and more patches, and thus more features are added to the game.

Patch 1.2
Scroll Bars added.
Ability to change Uplink's resolution added.
Theme menu added to the options screen, allowing you to easily choose which Uplink skin you wish to use.
The Ability to change the colour of the bars in the game added.
Process of adding gateways to the game is simplified.
Defrag tool is added to easily sort files in your memory banks.
Ability to zoom in and out of the World Map is added, to make life easier when the map is cluttered.
IRC Client added to the game, to allow to you connect to the Uplink IRC channel online and talk with others while playing the game.
LANs added to the game, a major new challenge for experienced hackers, requiring new software and skills, and the ability to add your own LANs and companies to the game.
You can no longer delete InterNIC from the Links screen.
A Large list of bug fixes.