Section 5 - Special Servers

Uplink has many unique servers, each of which has something different. Some of them are just a little fun, but others actually contain vital bits of the game. Here is a list of each server, what it's for, and what security you can expect.

5.1 - Important Servers

This is a list of each of the Serious Servers in the game.

Perhaps the most important server in the game. This contains links to almost every other server in the game, which you can add to your Link List. It is also a safe place for your first bounce point. The Admin section has a simple password screen for protection, there is never any trace from this server, and the password never changes.

International Academic Database
This server contains the Academic details of every person in Uplink, including yours. It is used to some earlier missions in the game that require you to help someone get a job, and things similar to that. Security here is very low, there is only a Password entry and Level 1 Monitor, and the traces are very slow.

International Social Security Database
The home of everybody's personal details, such as Birth date, Social Security number and Personal Status. It is used for some low level missions that involve changing people's identities. Security here is quite low, with only a Password and a Level 1 Monitor and Proxy, but the traces are quite fast for the early stages of the game.

Global Criminal Database
This holds the Criminal Records of everybody in Uplink. Used throughout the game for discrediting people, having their lives ruined, or clearing their record. Security is high for the earlier stages of the game, but relatively easy later on. There is a Password, Elliptic Curve Cypher, and a Level 1 Monitor and Proxy.

International Stock Market System
Contains details of the Stock of every company in the game. Here you can create an account, and buy or sell stock on any company you choose. It shows the changes in the Stock values for each company for the last year and the price per share. The Admin section has relatively low security, but since the only thing you can do with Admin access if get to the Logs, its pretty pointless. There is a Password, as well as a Level 1 Monitor and Proxy.

Uplink Public Access Server
This is one of the most pointless Servers in the game. This is where people to go to register as an Uplink agent, but since you do that at the beginning, you can do nothing here. There is nothing to hack, and no real reason to ever go here.

5.2 - Fun/Joke Servers

Following is a list of all the Joke and Fun servers, or otherwise non-important servers in the game, and what you can do there. Most of these can be found at InterNIC, though some you will have to find yourself. This Section contains Possible Spoilers.

Steve Jackson Games Server
Put into the game because of the Secret Service Raid on the company, for supposedly making a 'Hacking Guide'. This guide was actually a work of total fiction for a game the company was making, and contained technology that didn't even exist. When you connect to this server, you receive a message saying that this server has been seized by the Secret Service, and that your IP has now been logged. Don't threat however, your IP is not logged, and nothing actually happens from connecting to this server. There is nothing here that can be hacked.

Protovision Game Server (Spoiler)
When you connect to the Protovision Game Server, you are greeted with a Password Screen. After using your Password Breaker on this for 10 minutes, you will have probably realised that this server cannot be hacked in the normal way. This server is actually a reference to the 80's movie 'Wargames'.
When you enter the server, there is a menu with 2 options, 'Wargames' and 'Hints'. Entering the 'Wargames' section will give you a list of games. By clicking on the bottom one (Global Thermonuclear War), you get taken to a World Map with several major cities on it. Clicking on each city will send a red line representing a missile flying towards the city, followed by an explosion. The close button for this screen is underneath the Trace Tracker, should you have it running.
By clicking on the 'Hint' menu, you are given a very cryptic message about the Introversion IP, though this doesn't actually have anything to do with it.

Andromeda Public Access Terminal
When connecting to this server, you will see a button with a '.' on it. If you wait a couple of seconds, the message 'THE TIME IS NEAR' appears.
Click the button to proceed to a menu with 3 options. By looking through these options you will see that this server belongs to some kind of creepy cult that thinks the Internet should be destroyed. This server actually belongs to the same group as ARC (Andromeda Research Corp).

OCP Remote Monitoring System
This server is a reference to the movie 'Robocop'. Connecting to the server will display the 4 Prime Objectives of Robocop, including the 4th, which is classified. There is nothing to do on this server.

Introversion Software
This server belongs to the Creators of Uplink. On it you will find lots of information about things that inspired Uplink and plans for the future. This server is hidden and you must find it yourself.