Section 7 - Common Bugs

Following is a list of commonly encountered bugs in Uplink, and if there is a known way of fixing/getting around them. This will not have bugs in that are fixed in the v1.01 patch, or bugs in the demo.

Bank Account Bug
Game crashes when creating a new bank account.
Solution: Don't create a bank account. If you want it because of the increased bounce time, simply hack another account on that bank.

Revelation Bug
While doing the final Arunmor mission (Stop Revelation), the game will crash repeatedly.
Solution: None. All you can do is keep loading your game and keep trying. You can avoid the crashes in Counterattack by never using the IP Lookup when you have the world map open

Random Crashes
Unfortunately, the game crashes, seemingly randomly, and there is no explanation.
Solution: Simply reload your game and continue from where you left off.