Section 9 - Secrets

There are loads of secrets hidden in Uplink. Here is a list of them, and hints on how to find them. (Possible Spoilers)
On the Uplink CD, in the Misc directory, there is a zip file called Gamebible. This file is passworded, and you cannot get the files with out the password.

Hints - You have everything you need when you get the game. Think outside the box.

Introversion's IP
Hidden in Uplink is the Introversion Server, containing lots of interesting information. Unfortunately, you have to find this server yourself as it is not at InterNIC.


Meet the Makers
Not much can be said about this without giving it away, so there is just the hint.

Hint - When would you normally 'Meet your maker'?

Caffeine/The Mentors Last Words
A hidden little bonus with some interesting bits on it.

Hint - Look into the Eye.

The mystery file, deleted from ARC Central Mainframe before you get to it…

Hint - Trace the logs from ARC Central Mainframe.

Gamebible Page 25
If you have managed to get into the Gamebible, page 25 hides a little message.

Hint - Try lightening the image.

If you have looked at the status screen after you have lost an agent, you will have seen that there are 12 special missions, but the storyline missions only cover 10 of those… This is one of the other 2.

Hint - Would you like to play a game?


And this is the other secret mission.

Hint - The last place you would think of hacking, because you already have access.

Oh my, where did this come from?

Alternate Plot Entry
There is another way to start the plot, that doesn't involve using the Dead Agents password on ARC Central Mainframe. It's not spectacular, but it's quite interesting.

Hint - What if the dead agents email was never sent out…